Monday, August 19, 2013

Well hello there!

Howdy meet Bazil - delighted to eat you...sorry meat you haha! I am not really as fierce as I look - my bite is definitely worse than my bark though. Care to try this? Go on make my day!
I am a 3 year old in dog years - that makes me a virile twenty something in human years - ready to party at the drop of a lead. I have a dry sense of humour - bone dry! I went to puppy school and have an MBA - Married But Available if you know what I mean. What a DOG!
I live with a real bitch called Bella - more about her later.  Typing is exhausting so I need to paws and roll in something dead to make myself attractive to her - she has a thing for the musky smell of crap!
Chews for now! Watch this space - I am on Guard!